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There are no shortcuts

Once upon a time, I was playing golf at chimney rock in Napa.  The course has been replaced by a vineyard now.  But I remember playing a round with my brothers.  I’m not a very good golfer and I have a hook and a slice.  One of the holes had a sharp dogleg left around [...]

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Postgresql 8.4.3 upgrade troubles

I recently upgraded several of postgres DB server to the latest version 8.4.3.  The process was pretty simple for the 8.3.x clusters. Make a copy of the postgres configuration files. cp /var/lib/pgsql/data/*.conf /tmp/. pg_dump each DB instance in plaintext format: pg_dump -d dbname -Fp -o ./dbname.dmp.sql Stop postgres: pg_ctl stop Configure the new pgdg yum [...]


Londiste Memory Usage

During our last major software release we made a pretty massive schema update to the primary postgres database. We pulled several columns out of one of our core tables and moved them into a separate table. We added triggers, dropped tables, added columns, etc. After all the dust had settled one of the lead developers [...]

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We all have the same problems

I am going to give you a secret. This is how I solve 90% of all technical issues. It is amazingly simple and you can do it too.