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SQL Hacks

Most of my SQL is usually something along the lines of: CREATE TABLE …. DROP DATABASE …. But recently I have been working on a report that has been causing some trouble. The report issues a large SQL query for each of our partners and then a fancy perl script filters, sorts, aggregates, and formats [...]

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Reinventing the Wheel

Last month we reinvented postgres table partitioning. Last year we reinvented cacti. We probably have our own string class. There is so much to knowledge to assimilate that it is practically impossible for a software engineering team to NOT reinvent the wheel. They cannot possibly know their entire subject domain inside and out. Also engineers [...]


We just finished our 2nd Hackday at PowerReviews. Google has 20% time and PowerReviews has Hackday. All the software engineers stay up for 24 hours hacking on their pet projects that never made the cut to formal release. Perhaps it is my new reality as a parent of small children but I no longer see [...]