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SQL Hacks

Most of my SQL is usually something along the lines of: CREATE TABLE …. DROP DATABASE …. But recently I have been working on a report that has been causing some trouble. The report issues a large SQL query for each of our partners and then a fancy perl script filters, sorts, aggregates, and formats [...]

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Londiste Memory Usage

During our last major software release we made a pretty massive schema update to the primary postgres database. We pulled several columns out of one of our core tables and moved them into a separate table. We added triggers, dropped tables, added columns, etc. After all the dust had settled one of the lead developers [...]

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iostat graphs

If your computer system is slow there are four things to look at: CPU memory I/O network Most database systems are I/O bound. (Although SSD drives may change this paradigm soon.) My database systems are I/O bound too. Since I am addicted to data pr0n like John Allspaw I decided to whip up some iostat [...]

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Percona Performance Conference

I attended the Percona Performance Conference today.  It was an interesting event since it was like a mini-conference within the MySQL 2009 conference which I had not registered for (so I felt a bit like a gate-crasher).  Anyway, the price was right (free!) and the content was good so I thought I would share some [...]

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