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Export to Stone Tablet

We have been trying to come up with a reliable backup solution for our laptops. Our users connect via a mix of wi-fi and cabled connections and they move around a lot often attending multiple meetings per day. A CDP (Continuous Data Protection) product would be perfect for our needs but the products I have found are either much too expensive for a startup stage business or they do not support Macs. We have a few folks on our sysadmin team that have years of enterprise backup experience and that could put together a killer system using either Legato or Netbackup but both of those are cost-prohibitive. The small business solutions seem to be targeted at the windows platform and we just don’t have an interest in trying to get up to speed on Windows at this point. Our core competency is UNIX in general and Linux in specific so our backup solution needs to be on that platform too.

So at this point we use Zmanda for Linux and the windows laptops. The feature set is way behind the enterprise vendors and it doesn’t support CDP. But it is UNIX based and you can script it. So we will see what happens… If it becomes too painful we will bite the bullet and pay the 50% premium to license Netbackup or Legato.

For the Macs we give everyone an external hard drive, make sure they have upgraded to Leopard and tell them to use Time Machine regularly. Since the video cards on the macbook pros have started to die in large numbers we have had ample opportunity to restore laptops from Time Machine. So far it has been easy and trouble free. Apple got this one right. Too bad we can’t find anything like it for the other platforms.

Sometimes I just wish we had an option to export data to something reliable like stone tablets…

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