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{ Monthly Archives } June 2009

Export to Stone Tablet

We have been trying to come up with a reliable backup solution for our laptops. Our users connect via a mix of wi-fi and cabled connections and they move around a lot often attending multiple meetings per day. A CDP (Continuous Data Protection) product would be perfect for our needs but the products I have [...]


Londiste process dead this morning

I came in this morning and found that the londiste replay job that replicates into our disaster recovery database had silently failed. The process was still running. Replication lag was over 11 hours at that point so that implies that something strange occurred at 10 pm last night. The postgres logs for the DR database [...]

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Londiste Memory Usage

During our last major software release we made a pretty massive schema update to the primary postgres database. We pulled several columns out of one of our core tables and moved them into a separate table. We added triggers, dropped tables, added columns, etc. After all the dust had settled one of the lead developers [...]

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Reinventing the Wheel

Last month we reinvented postgres table partitioning. Last year we reinvented cacti. We probably have our own string class. There is so much to knowledge to assimilate that it is practically impossible for a software engineering team to NOT reinvent the wheel. They cannot possibly know their entire subject domain inside and out. Also engineers [...]