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{ Monthly Archives } May 2009


We just finished our 2nd Hackday at PowerReviews. Google has 20% time and PowerReviews has Hackday. All the software engineers stay up for 24 hours hacking on their pet projects that never made the cut to formal release. Perhaps it is my new reality as a parent of small children but I no longer see [...]


iostat graphs

If your computer system is slow there are four things to look at: CPU memory I/O network Most database systems are I/O bound. (Although SSD drives may change this paradigm soon.) My database systems are I/O bound too. Since I am addicted to data pr0n like John Allspaw I decided to whip up some iostat [...]

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We all have the same problems

I am going to give you a secret. This is how I solve 90% of all technical issues. It is amazingly simple and you can do it too.